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Fisher Hamilton exhaust hood - ITEM#: 620069

QTY: 1 - MANUFACTURER: Fisher Hamilton

We have one exhaust hood for sale (the other in the photos was sold). The remaining hood is in good condition, although the glass door is cracked (see pictures). Dimensions: 72"W x 98"H x 34"/44"D (overhang at top). This hood includes the lab cabinet beneath it, and the epoxy resin top that sit on top of the cabinet (and the hoods rests on top of that). The cabinet underneath the hood actually has a sink - roughly 30"W x 24"D x 12"H. In the sink, is a stainless steel rack with the 6 holes in the top of it. That's what you see in the picture. It had some standing water and dirt in it when the photo was taken, but it's in good shape. The sink can be removed if you like.
We also have some matching lab cabinets available (SEE HERE). Dimensions: 72"W x 98"H x 34"/44"D (overhang at top)
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